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Karl England

Film: Lint

November 2015

Karl England

>>The self-referential delivery system reasserts itself here

The self-referential delivery system exists to decree the system as a creative act; the domestic as political; the method of dissemination as critical; narratives as defunct; meaning as evasive; cultural commodity as social; the 'other' as obsolete; enclosure as under attack.

The content is in servitude to the system, the subject is the system. Meaning attaches itself to art like lint to static. You're the lint... or the static. No. Wait, the system is the static and you are the content, the content is lint. The static is discharged. Forget the static, the presence of the static is subjective anyway. Scratch that – the static is crucial, as is the lint. Actually, without you there is no lint. Is that right? Yes, bring your lint, for the love of all things holy, bring your lint, we've got a static fire-sale and we really need your lint.

Have I answered the brief? Have I been 'generous'? Is everything clear? Good, see you in Bar61, I really like their polpette.<<


>>Have you got an image you’d like to go with this drivel? Send asap please.<<

Karl England


[image goes in there]



>>You’re going to get yourself printed in Jackdaw under “arty bollox”… Give us a sentence or two as if you’re explaining it to your children. We’ll paraphrase and then you can let rip...<<

Karl England

>>...in other words:

I'm building a screen and projecting onto it. I'm either projecting a film of the building of the screen, the install of the show itself or some other self-referencing film. (I haven't decided yet – as I'm going to make several and then decide at the last minute – likely in discussion with you two).

The subject (of the film) describes the form (of the exhibition) resulting in the content which is essentially a study in where the 'artwork' in the artwork is sited. ie is it at the point of creation, in the artefact, or in the experience of the artefact?

Obviously I'm coming from the POV that the artwork is the delivery system. That means the development, the staging, THE PRESS RELEASE, the private view and the meatballs in the bar afterwards.

(Incidentally this is also why I describe Sluice__ as my extended practice).

[btw I highly object to being instructed to spell out the premise of the exhibition in the press release – the press release isn't separate to the artwork. On the other hand if you respect the intentions of the artist then you now have to include this correspondence in the text]

so, use any or all of this – but be aware that you two are players in the game, and just as the viewers of the artwork activate it – so the gallerists can effect it for good or bad.<<


>> Ha, your objections have been duly noted. Lucky we've been friends for years so you can rest assured they will be filed under 'ignore'.<<

Karl England 2015

Film: Lint