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Kate Owens

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November 2017

My response to the DOLPH brief is the exhibition: Astral Flesh 2-Way Stretch.The title of the show is taken from the name of a fabric I’ve used for printing but it also introduces the ideaof being pulled in two directions at once, which is central to my way of working.

I’ve tried to make a generous show of test prints and equipment hung side-by-side with finished works and gifts made for friends and family from studio off-cuts and samples. Everything in the exhibition has been made in the past 3 years. Significantly this is the length of time I’ve had a studio in my house. My performative practice combines living with working so day-to-day I do a range of physical things in and out of this space; cooking, exercising, looking after my kids, running workshops etc.The work happens in amongst these activities: sometimes I appear to be shopping but actually I’m working and shopping simultaneously.Wherever possible, my efforts have a dual purpose.This 2-way stretch has become my creative technique alongside being an effective method of survival.

In addition to the exhibition, I’ve been working with Hitherfield Primary School dance club in Streatham to develop new research material for future work.

Kate Owens 2017